All of our Karpet King aircraft serging machines are capable of a wide variety of stitching finishes. From a standard stitch to a weight saving stitch on all types of commercial and private aircraft carpets.

Standard Stitch
Weight Saving Stitching
Full Wrap Stitching
On Edge Stitching


Karpet King aircraft carpet sewing machines produce a perfect finished stitch, ranging from a minimal 4mm wide to a 15mm wide stitch. They easily produce an on the edge or a fully wrapped under stitch finish. Our weight saving stitch gives you not only a great unique looking finished product but also a perfect solution for reducing the weight and production time of the finished ship set, saving on both production costs and a reduction on the environmental footprint.

We can tailor and setup your new overedging machine using your materials to your exact specifications and requirements, giving your new machine purchase a flying start from the time it is delivered . We have been supplying and working with companies since 1980, delivering and installing our machines worldwide.

A sewn linear metre of airline carpet, set with a 4mm narrow wide stitch, combined with our weight saving setting, will save approx. 11.33 grams per sewn linear meter.
*this is a comparison against a standard width stitch, fully covered finish.

  • Stitches with synthetic and natural yarns, including BCF, polypropylene, polyester, or wool
  • Three-thread finish
  • Able to handle all carpet fabrics, no matter the thickness
  • Ideal for use on commercial or private aircraft carpets
  • Standard commercial aircraft carpet sewing machine
EXTERNAL CORNERS with a perfect finish every time
INTERNAL CORNERS with ease, accuracy and efficiency
FASTER for greater productivity and output
LIGHTER helping to reduce the finished carpet weight


Each machine in our range of aircraft carpet whipping and serging machinery has been designed to produce a high quality stitch and finish. Durable and simple to operate, all of our carpet sewing machines come highly recommended by professionals in the industry and are built to last.

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High technical standards with the best possible service

At Karpet King AERO, we manufacture and supply carpet whipping and serging machinery to many of the largest carpet manufacturers, airlines and aircraft corporations, as well as local carpet retailers and freelance carpet fitters, consistently delivering the highest quality machines available in today’s market.
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